simple bread!

After some time in the “stone bread business” I’ve seen the light…

In other words, after several attempts in the few past years to make bread, unsuccessful as always I came up with very thick, solid bread, hence the pseudonym “stone” (or brick) bread, I’ve found a recipe that is very easy and, most importantly, it works! I share it then:

happy kneading & baking simple bread ;)

In my oven it turns out to be better without the water. I also substitute 1/4 of the water with olive oil and add to the flour some basil. Mmm…

2 Responses to “simple bread!”

  1. Pau Sanchez Says:

    If you got a solid bread I guess was because you weren’t using the right yeast or any yeast at all ;p

  2. admin Says:

    you might be right. i don’t know what was the problem but the thing is this recipe is super easy and works, it came like “water from may” hahaha

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