‘Las migas’ de l’avi Daniel

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This is a traditional dish of agriculture, sheep men, etc. that my grandfather learnt and that I have learnt from him. It is not really known but in my opinion is great and is one of that few things of tradition I like and thus I want to share.

Follows the recipe in its vegan version.

1 liter of water
3 little spoons of salt
750 grams of wheatflour
1 bulb of garlic
3 ñoras (dried red peppers)
2 green peppers
half a glass of oil

1. Put the water and salt in a bowl. Add the flour and mix until the mixture is smooth.
mixing in bowl

2. Fry in the oil the garlic, ‘ñoras’ and peppers.

3. Put the oil used in the last step in a big pan. When it is hot, add the mixture obtained in step one and ‘work it’ like this: move it, turn it, and break it in peaces iteratively until ‘las migas’ separate from each other and look golden.
moving migas
migas ready

Tip: usually people add grapes to ‘las migas’ when cooked.
migas with grapes

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