La petjada ecològica o quants recursos en gastes

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I have received an email from a friend telling me about this page. It is a quick quiz (less than 15 questions) and according to them it tells you how many resources you waste and how many does waste the average citizen in your country.

I’ve been a bit delused by my results. Even being almost vegan, if everybody in the world used the amount of resources the system calculates I do use, we would need ’1.4 Earths’; so that means my lifestyle is not completely susteinable nowadays. I guess the amount of flight hours is what boosts my resource wastes. Anyway I was even more surprised to discover that if everybody lived like the average Spanish we would need more than ’2 Earths’.

How many resources do you use? Take the test and comment ;)

2 Responses to “La petjada ecològica o quants recursos en gastes”

  1. sab_leu Says:

    zi badrone!i’ve done the text!( even if i’m quite sure 15 questions are not enough to determinate my way of live!Also cause text are so general!).
    Anyway my result was 1.3 so i need 1.01 earth to live… :(
    And in my artificial country we need 3.8 earth… should i be pride????

  2. Mitchell Says:

    I considered my results (around 4 earths) and added another earth for the intangibles: the clothes I wear, the products I use, shipping the food I eat (I don’t buy from local markets). I suppose some may take solace in the fact they are below the national average, but being in the U.S. – one of the most wasteful nations per capita – it’s not difficult.

    I’m trying to figure out how I can reduce my ecological footprint without completely sacrificing my way of life. Or, do we all need to make radical lifestyle changes? Can I not take trips? Can I not drive my car? Do I have to move into a smaller place? I’m analyzing it in my blog, but haven’t found an answer.

    Anyways, it’s good to hear from others in different places of the globe that are environmentally aware. I’ll bookmark your page – good post!

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